Dhruv B. California

Gun Control needs to be Addressed!

Gun control is necessary in America. The lives lost and violence created due to guns has increased too much. It is time people stand up and do something.

Hello future President,

So; how’s the White House? I know you are probably very busy,but I think the issue I want to present is very important and you should keep reading. America needs to create stronger gun laws because innocent lives are being lost and guns create violence.

Innocent lives everyday are lost because of gun violence or mass shootings.In America people enjoy basic freedoms such as freedom of speech. However, the right to own and operate a gun is very controversial. Of the 464,033 people who died of gun violence from 1996 to 2013, 9,983 lives were lost unintentionally. That is 9,983 lives that could have been extraordinary people. This type of outrageous killing has to be stopped. Another eye-popping fact is that 56.6% of the people holding the gun had obtained it illegally. This proves that our gun checks need to be improved or revised to make sure we know who is owning the gun. I understand we already do that, but in order to be more precise we need to get agencies like the F.B.I involved to make sure no criminals are purchasing guns. People who are not involved in gang or other criminal activities should be allowed to purchase some types of guns to hunt or defend themselves. However, people who have been found guilty of crimes should not be allowed to purchase guns. Like I mentioned before, allowing government agencies to intervene would give the background checks more info on the person. Overall, guns need to be controlled so they are not accidently sold to criminals and thus injuring or killing innocent people.

Violence rates have increased and mass shootings have become more popular because of guns. Of the 62 mass shootings from 1982 to 2012 50% of the shooters used a high capacity or automatic weapon. These weapons should strictly be banned because they are useless and they only create death. 90% of gang members use high capacity guns to harm because they compensate for accuracy and do more damage. That is the most gruesome thing I have heard. This proves that without gun control of some sort there will be rampages and shootings in the streets continuously. In the FBI’s study of arguments and dealings with alcohol and drugs, they found that 60% of them ended in a “gun showdown”. Just the presence of a gun in someone’s hand can draw them to fire it because of a dispute.Obviously with strong gun controls such as banning high capacity guns and more background checks, this could be avoided. I urge you, Future President to enact these propositions.

However, some people believe that guns shouldn’t be taken away or controlled because it is a Constitutional right. They do have a valid point. Mexico has one of the strictest gun control laws. There is only one shop in the whole of Mexico and you have to prove that you are worthy by proving income and criminal activity. Then you are only allowed to purchase one pistol. However Mexico still has one of the biggest homicide rates of any established country. As well as the largest amount of civilian gun owners at 15,000,000. This proves that perhaps gun laws and background checks might not work.

Overall, I hope you understand the importance of gun laws. Future President, I hope that you take into account how much this would mean to all the 464,893 people’ s families who lost their loved ones to gun violence. This needs to be stopped. I hope that you; the President of the United States can fulfill your duty to your country. Gun violence needs to stop and the only way we can do that is by limiting guns and creating extensive background checks. I wish you good luck and a great presidency.


Dhruv B.

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