Jack C. California

The Issue of Higher Education

With the greater need for higher education and the pressure on many students to attend college to be successful, the expenses for a higher education should be revised and lowered.

Dear Madam/Mister President,

Current college education has proven to be prestigious as well as sufficient for our current generation. However, the prices of a higher education have risen over the past 10 years. Many college level students have been placed in debt due to student loans and overpriced classes and materials, and many students cannot afford a general college level education at all.

Our generation (those born around the year 2000) and generations to come must create and provide an advancement in society. Our current society, however, is in the age of rapid technological expansion and improvement. Because of this, the push from high schools for students to attend college have drastically increased, and a college education is almost required to find a stable job and make a living, even though many students cannot afford a higher education in the first place.

It is suggested that the expenses of college education be lowered, as well as the materials required for college level classes. It is still up to the student to apply and be accepted to college because of their skill set, but once the student enters college, prices of classes should be lowered. This allows students to obtain a higher education without money being that big of an issue.

Please take these words into consideration for the next four to possibly eight years as the next President of the United States. Thank you.

Sincerely, a student in California