Natallie California

Letter to The Next President

Know the importance of immigration and put yourself in other people's shoes.

Dear Next President,

I congratulate you on being our new president. Hopefully you do your job and run this country responsibly. One issue that I think is the most important is immigration. You can not kick or throw people out of this country as if they are sacks of potatoes. Every one has their rights and their own decisions that they decide for themselves. 

People who immigrate here do so to have a better future for their kids and for their family.  They also  send money to support their family.  People might immigrate  due to wars in their country. It is not fair people have to be basically be walking in a living hell due to mistakes past presidents have committed. Immigration is an important topic to me because my father wasn't able to be there formy birth because he was deported for not being legal in California. You can never have the same memory like that.

One thing that captures my attention when people immigrate is parents work hard to support their families and sometimes leave their families just to provide food and a roof over their heads. Parents at times have to work 2 or 3 jobs and never have time for themselves or for their family. It can lead to depression, which can lead to other illnesses. Another thing that catches my eye is how dangerous it is to just immigrate. Little kids, maybe 4 or even younger kids including older kids can fall off the train, be raped, be beat up, etc. People get tired of not having the life they want and would do anything just to achieve it even if that means having their life in their own hands or in someone else's.