Karen S. California

Letter To President

This letter talks about an important issue, that does affect our community, which is abortion.

October 27, 2016

Dear President,

I am writing to you to address an issue that is personally important to me. That issue is towards abortion. Abortion for me is important for various reasons, including that as  a women, I will one day hope to have kids. It will affect the whole community around me. Abortion is a serious matter, to the whole world in general.

What abortion to me is, taking away the life of someone who didn’t have the right to speak against it, in other words just ending something that never fully started. Abortion is something really cruel to do. Especially since it’s somewhat a consequence and you can easily get rid of it. For instance, the “baby” didn’t have a say nor were they able to speak against it. It was an action that was done towards their life which is really unfair. Also people should know what the outcome will be if they have interactions. If they don’t want the outcome they could do it safely or simply not do it. Or there is also adoption, which is not really good of a choice, but it’s better than abortion.

However, things might happen which cause this outcome. For example, rape. Rape is also an important issue which no one wants to talk about. I personally and strongly believe that abortion should only be done in two situations, such as rape or the mother’s life is in jeopardy. An issue other than that, it should not be allowed.