Raha R.

Higher Education Costs

How much is too much? Higher education costs putting your family under a financial strain.

Dear Mr.President,

Higher education costs are too expensive putting our families in financial strains that are so bad that most of our families are hopeless in getting out.According to my recent information based on an average yearly salary,Tuition at a public is 9,000 a year while a tuition for a private school is now 31,000 year, that's FOUR times the amount since the year 1974.If Hillary,Bernie, and Martin O'Malley would have been elected they had promised to increase federal funding for college.While what have you promised to do Mr.President? According to Bureau of labor statistics, costs for higher education along with tuition costs and fees is yet one of the highest in consumer prices since the first quarter of 1978 (as seen on the graph shown above).

Causes of this issue may be something you’ve thought of or not.First of all if we were to address this issue we should have a clear action plan stating what effects this issue negativity the most and then work our way to the least effective.As of now Mr.President I think you should try to equal the amount of students wanting to attend higher education programs and the amount of universities that can provide that education. I also strongly think that our government doesn’t supply enough funds to our universities causing the students attending to pay more to help the universities with their own costs, Which in my opinion is definitely not fair. The Article “is college tuition really that high?” explains how Majors offered in universities across the nation have been continuously adapting to the new technology which allows them to offer more to students than they used too which ends in the result of tuition costs skyrocketing.Another unfair issue that has come up to my attention is that universities or places that offer higher education aren’t equally distributed within the US practically forcing students to pay out of state tuition which then has a set of their own extra costs such as, the cost of their room and board, and traveling(or transportation). You may simply ask why even go to college but reality is our society today revolves around educated people with university degrees, Jobs even tend to accept applicants with a university degree v.s a community college degree.

Mr.president with all your dealing with now and a set of responsibilities you have I know reading a 8th graders essay on higher education costing to much is probably not your priority but just hear me out.If we don’t act soon our results to this issue will not be pretty.I predict eventually our economy with crash.Even the rich families will have to pull out loans to afford higher education for their children forcing those families into financial strain..If costs for higher education keep raising through the roof causing less and less people the chance to proceed their education.You may not see it Mr.President, but this issue is effecting our whole society because the amount of jobs that are open only a limited amount of people qualify to fill the job, causing thousands of people in an unemployment stage.Being the younger generation I am scared deeply because when we move up into higher education and have a desire to continue my education and become the applicant of my dreams I won’t be able too because the rapid rise of costs for college and higher education.Even if i take the risk to pay for college, I’ll be forced to leave my family in an financial hardship(bank rupted).New York times has qoute said “For the average American household That doesn't receive a lot of financial aid,Higher education is just Out Of Reach”.

I am aware that a large variety of people are involved in this issue which is why i have considered their perspective and point of view to make this a fair essay with evidence from all sides.I understand that from the college’s perspective they’re at benefit because of the money that they continuously get from attending students, but if students STOP attending then where is the money coming from.From a parent's perspective I’d say it's also extremely hard because they’re the ones put under a major Financial strain..causing them to wonder if they’ll ever get their debt paid off or if they’ll go bankrupt.Most importantly from our students(children)perspective,I personally think this perspective matters most they are the ones left without an education,without a job, and without a future...is that what you want for your children,grandkids,and great grandkids? A society without possibilities? A society without chances?

Lets hope for the day that 97% of high school graduates also graduate from a university with tons of opportunities open to them and no burden to pay their education debts off.Help us accomplish this goal Mr.president. Our future will be brighter than ever if this is issue is solved. Please help us make a stable society with an equal chance for all no matter what. 


Raha R.