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Government Agencies are Becoming Cancers

Why Agencies are taking more and more tax money from the government.

Dear Mrs. Obama,

 One of the biggest losses of tax money is agencies that ask for billions of dollars every year, this is why we need a cap for the agencies. Government agencies are taking more and more of the government's tax money every year because when one family member used to work at Lawrence Livermore Lab, he noticed, every year the lab would buy more and more unneeded junk that would stay in a closet, and agencies like the Police department are buying cars and gear that’s really not needed. 

 One family member used to work at Lawrence Livermore Lab and watched lots of unnecessary computers and junk going into a closet. This is because the lab has excess money from the government, the lab doesn’t even use the gear in the closets. The one member of our family used to work for the lab, money was always an issue. The lab has old dell computers, and the tech that goes into the closets are the new. According to Lawrence Livermore Lab they state, “Regular Sealed Bid Sales, These sales consist of computer equipment, miscellaneous equipment, and vehicles.” The Lab has to have a “garage sale” to sell all their junk. This shows how much money is being wasted and put in the closet.

   Another agency that is becoming a cancer is the police force. This is because, every year they take money from the government to get rid of “Old Equipment”. This is horrible, the police force doesn’t need so much money for unneeded and useless things. Some evidence that I have is from Danville San Ramon News. A man was robbed at gunpoint and was stolen of his Rolex. The men drove away in a stolen Mercedes and got away. This is stupid knowing that the police have spent thousands on new expensive tech and vehicles. This is unacceptable knowing that this is the people's money.  

 Some people may say that these agencies are needed in the community. This needs a cap though, we need these agencies to have a money loan cap. To solve this problem we have to enact laws to prevent this. You can see the points held by skeptics. The skeptics are saying we still need these agencies because they can mean technological advances and to keep us safe, that’s why they need the funding. All of us will agree to some extent, but there has to be a cap that will prevent too much money going into the agencies. 

 In conclusion, our money is going into unneeded causes. These agencies are needed but, they need a cap. This will affect you in the future because this will mean an unstable government. Now, understand this ever growing problem in our community and put an end to this madness.  

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Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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