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Letter to the Next President

The Letter to Next President is about an issue that The President of The United States of America should know and be aware of which is Immigration!

Dear President,

 There are a lot of issues in the United States Of America, but there is one I would like to talk about today. This issue makes a great impact on a lot people's lives. One issue my family and I think is important is immigration. I would like to tell you that you should help out the immigrants. I am saying this because a lot of immigrants work hard for their children and make a whole lot of sacrifices, which is why I think it is unfair to send immigrants back to their home country.

 Immigrants work also hard for other people by doing things like cleaning their houses. They help people out by cleaning or taking care of their children at times. If they deport all immigrants to their home country, then they some people would not have any help at their homes. They also work at collecting bottles and cans and recycling them for them to make money from it. This important because they are helping out the environment and trying to make a living from it.

  From my family and my point of view we see things differently from how you might see it. I think we shouldn't deport all immigrants because my mom works at cleaning houses and see all the sacrifices she does for our family and for a living. With all the immigrants out, who will help out other people in their homes? No one because they don't have anyone any more. This is why The President Of The United States Of America should support the immigrants and not deport them back to their home country because they are a big part of the United States Of America. Thank you very much for your time!