kamryn Oregon

Kids, The Economy, and Black Lives

A look at what needs to be done across the country in the coming years

Dear the future president, 

I’m hoping you take a look at the economy from everyone's perspective. No matter the race. I hope you take a good look at kids especially not just because I am one but because the kids are yours and our future.  From the article Key Facts they say “According to the FBI, in 2015 there were 460,699 NCIC entries for missing children. Similarly, in 2014, the total number of missing children entries into NCIC was 466,949.” Most of these kids that have been found rescued are struggling now. They are usually now unstable from their background. Most of these kids are struggling with leaving the house, trusting anyone some might suffer from shock others might take it as a different approach and do it to other children as they get older themselves.

Most of the next presidents after you is in our generation. But if we keep affecting the kids of the future with the world's problems like how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton keep going back and forth tryna get back at each other. It will influence our generation to be childish and that what Hillary and Donald is doing is okay and we can be disrespectful and rude to others.

Can you see that either one of the candidates our future presidents Hillary or Donald are influencing our country and kids to pick on someone or act in a manner that isn't proper. Letting this rival between Hillary or Donald one of you guys is distracting the world from the violence going on around us the people go are going missing around us.

The main problem that I would like my future president to look at is kids going missing or being tortured. We have to stand up for the youngings and lead by example so that they're future and yours won't become a disaster that they won't let our elders down and also lead by example. Besides who wants a world full of chaos.

Besides what is all the police doing besides shooting black people? Why aren't they actually put to work and trying to find kids or help kids getting home. Why do they just keep passing if they see a kid at a young age out when the street lights is on? How is our system set up for kids?