Haylee A. Washington

Stop Deforestation

Deforestation has a domino affect but what will drop last?

Dear future president,

I am writing this letter to make sure that it is known that deforestation is an issue here in the United States. More and more animal species are going on the endangered species list because forest are getting torn out to be made dining room tables and paper. While others say that logging creates jobs and lowers the risk of an uncontrollable wildfire, what about those tree frogs, woodpeckers, and owls? Where will they go when there are no more trees to turn into homes, shelter, and food? I propose that the United States of America find healthy and green ways to reduce the amount of logging that is needed, such as reducing the amount of trees that are used for logging. Another idea on how to reduce the amount of trees that are taken out of the environment is having regulations on logging companies. Such as when a tree is logged, have that same company plants a new tree. Although planting a new tree takes on average 26 years for a chopped down tree or forest to just regrow and be on track in order to become this what it once was. When humans cut down a tree they are also taking carbon that is stored in the wood for the leaves and wood that gets harvested. Plants that share the same environment as the trees do would use that carbon and use that to grow. Humans are living underneath tons of carbon that goes into to the atmosphere each year. An overabundance of carbon in the atmosphere leads to warmer temperatures. 

In 1983, deforestation wiped out 50% of the forest up by the Upano River in Washington State. When the forest was wiped out, the land was used for pastures which was able to feed towns around the Upano River. While the forest was being taken down the Shuar people lost their hunting land and their homeland in the process. In some cases even people lose their homes to logging. 

When there is a major loss of trees there is also a decrease in soil integrity. Most of Oregon’s logging does not prevent pollution runoff. When there is pollution runoff next to any body of water, that water source is in danger. This is because too many pollutants in the water can decrease the amount of animals in the water as well as harm any other any animal or human that drinks or uses the water. Deforestation is not just a problem that affects Washington State, it is a problem that affects everyone on a national scale. 

You as president need to take steps to reduce deforestation.