frances r. Oregon

Animal testing

We need to banned animal testing because its in humane.

Dear future president,

Imagine being taken away from your home against your own will, having scientists force their unregulated products onto your skin inject their unknown chemicals into it just to see the reaction. For some, this is a reality. Thousand of animals go through this daily. Olay, L’OREAL, Mac, Revlon and Maybelline are the top brands that people are head over heels about, but they are also the biggest companies that test on animals.

Rabbits, mice/ rats, house pets, farm animals and primates are the most targeted animals. According to Peta approximately 100-200,000 of these animals suffer until they can't go on anymore and die every year because of the testing. During the time they are being tested on, they are force fed toxins, put under short periods of physical restraint, forced to swim and subjected to electric shock. Most of the test lead to killing the animals by breaking their necks and decapitating them or causing blindness and leaving the subject in uncontrollable pain.

We do not have to give up not having/ wearing any makeup we just need to stop supporting and funding the companies that do. There are several makeup brands that are cruelty free and still work really well. NARS, LUSH, Elf, Wet n Wild, Urban Decay and Burt's Bee’s all _____. Although these brand might not be as popular, they are really good for you and go a long way to stop the make up brands that do test on animals. And if you're still not sure about those brands, just know that they don't hurt any animals and you're doing good to the animal kingdom.

What if instead of animals being tested, it were humans? We would all want it to stop immediately because that is just inhumane, right? Just like humans, animals do have feelings and they can feel pain. We should all feel the same way we would if we saw humans being testing instead of animals. Animals are just born hoping that they'll live a long happy life with a happy family or in nature, but instead they are taken to a laboratory to suffer and die. It is true that some animals are bred to have a life to get tested on but it still not a humane type of living.

Now that you know what some of these companies are doing, I hope you find a place in your heart to switch your makeup brand choice and to stop funding these companies. These animals don't deserve the pain they're suffering. I’m not asking you to turn into a vegetarian or a vegan. Just simply switch your makeup brands, so we stop the companies that test on animals, and together we can end animal testing.