Steven S. Oregon


Racism has always been a topic for centuries now, but I feel like this generation could end it. With a new president, there is always a new start to something. Every president falls down in history and is known as something they changed in the world. So future president, make a positive change in this world and be known as an inspiration to millions of people.

Racism has caused many problems in our society and schools. Examples of this conflict could be kids not feeling safe at schools and even some sort of bullying or harassment. In this generation, we have developed thousands of ways to communicate with one another, but there has been consequences for that. With the power we have created, we can stop racism from terrorizing our streets and cities. We are all brothers and sisters, and we can all stand up to this. 

Time has flown by like the speed of light, and it has come down to choose our next president for the United States of America. Being a president is significant to all of us as Americans. Every president has been known for something. Be the president that has stopped one of the biggest topics that has been around for centuries; racism. Be the president that unites people no matter what skin color or ethnicity they are, and bring us all together to hold hands.  

Kennedy Middle School

Henderson Period 3 Social Studies

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