Haley R. North Carolina

Any Race Matters

Racism needs to stop and racist people need to stop being so racist.

Racist people need to step up and realize what is happening to the world when being racist. Racist people need to stop what they are doing and make a step forward to their life and stop being racist. We have too many African Americans and Americans fighting over nothing because they believe whites are shooting blacks or blacks are shooting whites. Many ask what are racist people? Well, I believe, racist people are people that have no life because they just think it’s something funny to do, but totally it’s not anything funny to think about. When I got bullied over my race, it makes me feel down because I totally dislike racist people bullying me for the fun of it. I don’t think it’s funny at all because it makes me depressed and I hate it.

I believe the next president should make a change to the world and stop all the racist people and teach them that talking about other people's races isn't a fun thing to do. I think Donald or Hillary, whoever becomes our president. should come and make a change to the world, so our environment can be a better place, without racist people. With everything coming and occurring, I think, it’s my job as a kid to come and make a change to the world and make racist people stop when making fun of different peoples races.

Sometimes I will walk into the mall in Raleigh, NC, and I will hear people being racist. As child that means a lot to me, and I want to make a change and help other kids and people out around the world. We shouldn’t have to hear such ignorant stuff coming from people’s mouths.

Therefore, I believe the next president should make a change and teach the people how being racist is a bad thing to do because it's coming and affecting the world, and when a police shoots an African everyone gets affected and starts being racist. I believe the next president should teach our country how to stop being so racist.

Racism affects many people and it is hateful to many people, but it really affects me and other kids, by seeing how hateful it's to see kids that are racist, like come on, kids that are racist? That shocks me! I thought mostly adults are racist, but guess what it's mostly everyone is racist. The next president should come and teach the world how the world can be a better place if everyone wouldn’t be so racist to each other.