Angel Oregon

Should Abortion Be Illegal.?

Abortion isn't the safe way of getting rid of a child and I believe that abortion should be illegal.

Dear next President,

I am a junior at West Albany High School I am writing to you about abortion restrictions and how I think it should be illegal. How would you feel if someone took your life away? The baby can't just make a choice and they can't do anything if they take their life away. I will be talking about how it kills innocent fetuses and that it can harm the mother herself, and the opposing side and what they think. The abortion law  Roe establishes that the right of privacy of a woman to obtain an abortion  must be considered against important states' interests in regulations. In my opinion I think our abortion law should not be allowed to kill innocent fetuses and should be illegal.

Why shouldn't abortion be allowed? One of the reasons I think that it shouldn't be allowed is because it kills innocent fetuses. They deserve a chance in life and if you didn't want them you could get an adoption or could've used a condom, got on birth control, or not had sex if they didn't want to get pregnant. A solution for a baby shouldn't be death. They should be able to get adopted by someone that would give them a better chance and reality of life life than death. How could someone be so cold hearted to take a life from a child and risk self harm to them?

My second opposing point is that it harms the mother itself. They can get really emotional, mental, relational, and physical and some cases their lives are lost from abortions. IshikaM stated: “Abortion can also result into not being able to get pregnant in the future, many sicknesses, and even death.” There is also a higher risk of getting breast cancer if you get an abortion. Why would you want to live with shame and guilt on your shoulder, when you can live a happy life giving the child up for adoption?

The opposing side of abortion restriction says that legalizing abortion helpa the women to take back control of their lives. Mike Bass states: “ No young woman should have to be be punished for her whole life because of a mistake that she has made when she was young. She should have a second chance.” I understand where they are somewhat coming from but at the same time they knew the consequences of having unprotected sex. Once you are pregnant there is a living human. Mike Bass also states: “ In the United States, abortion is certainly taken advantage of , but it should not be altogether. It should be regulated and a woman can have only a certain amount of abortions like a subway punch card.” I agree with that t might reduce the amount of abortion.

How would it feel to have someone take your life away? There are so many other reasons that I don't support abortions. You can get an adoption instead of taking an innocent child's life away, and it can harm mothers as well, and the opposing side of why people think abortion should be illegal. Abortion is a big problem so some people around the world. In my opinion I think that abortion is a cruel and horrible thing to do to an innocent living child and it should be illegal.


Angel B