Nate Oregon

Should Athletes be Paid?

College athletes should not be paid.

Dear Next President;

I am a student at West Albany High School, and I have noticed there could be a big problem in the future. College athletes do not deserve to get paid salaries for what they do. Athletes are more than likely already on scholarship which means athletes are already getting some of school paid for if not all. On top of that we want to pay them salary? If the NCAA was to start paying salary there would be way too much controversy to control. Student athletes can't be paid salaries.

Being a student in high school I realize how unfair it would be for college athletes to be paid. As stated on the Daily Local News, what would we do about division II and division III athletes? NCAA couldn't get away with only paying division I student athletes' salaries. Plenty of division II athletes are good enough to play division I, they just didn't get the exposure. The athlete might just be starting at division II. Why shouldn't they get paid? Athletes should be equal in privileges and you can't make that unfair.

Daily Local News says if athletes think they are good enough to be paid then they should be professionals. The professional level is where an athlete deserves to be paid. Professionals are more than just athletes, they are big role models and marketers that give back a lot more than a collegiate athlete would. College athletes wouldn't be doing a lot of marketing, and that means they wouldn't be earning the money back for the NCAA. College schools don't have the money to pay all college athletes.

College sport earnings can go to better areas to help all out. For example, the money could go to making the area of play nicer and more welcoming. Also, money could go to the college for giving out loans or funding students who can't afford the cost of college. The college sports industry could use the money to make watching college sports and playing college sports over all more enjoyable. If money is going to go somewhere then it needs to go somewhere useful. Adding more money to where money already is spent is asking for issues.

College athletes do not deserve more benefits than other students. If athletes get paid salary then so should regular students going to school for education. Free education and playing college sports is a privilege that should not be taken for granted. Money would be wasted if it were going to college athletes used as salary. There is no fair way to pay college athletes salaries; schools would either have to pay all athletes or none. President, you need to make sure college athletes don't get paid a salary for competing in a collegiate sport.


Nate Ketelson