Maxwell M. Michigan

Our Need To Change To German Schooling

German schools provide better options for students and have led to better test scores and we should consider following their model.

Dear Future President,

Over the years, I have seen our high school education systems undergo major changes that for the most part fail or are gradually forgotten. We have never been able to find a school system that has been able to satisfy parents, teachers, and most importantly the students. After a few years in German class and becoming friends with an exchange student, I found that Germany’s high schools are much better. With less funding and higher test scores, German schools have thrived compared to us and I feel that everyone will benefit if we follow their model.

When looking at the courses offered, the Germans have a variety of options for an educational paths. With three different high schools offered, kids are able to go to the school that fits their path to a career. By separating the students at an earlier age, it helps to ease them into college or a job. One of our problems is you see many students forced to go to community college because they are unable to adjust to a higher learning level. The courses themselves in Germany are much more condensed to help learn more in less time. According to Education Next, 15 year olds in Germany are more than a whole grade level above us. That must be why our exchange student is younger than me but a grade above me. The fact is they are learning more in a shorter amount of time and we should model their efficiency.

One of the biggest things that will be discussed is the costs of schools and salaries of our teachers. According to the same source, teachers in Germany make up to 40% more than that of the US. So that must mean they have a higher budget and more money from taxpayers. Wrong! School budgets in Germany are much less than ours. We pay our teachers less but spend more. We need to value our teachers more and that would keep people in the profession. It’s a harsh reality in our country that money is everything and we need to put it to better use.

There is nothing too complicated to it. Our schools system could be changed to have the three different high schools and the curriculum also could be changed to make us learn more quicker. Everything can be done here because it has been proven to work for a whole country, That is why I ask you Mr./Mrs. President to consider what benefits the German schooling has and that you consider changing ours to their style.

Sincerely, Maxwell M. 

Avondale High School

Avondale High School

Honors English 10

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