Hannah Washington

Affordable College

Affordable college is a MUST! Were the future of America.

Dear Future President,

My issue I wanted to discuss is Affordable College. The importance of having affordable college is very important to me in a way that I’m in the need of knowledge of what goes around in the world. I’m in the need of a better learning to get a good paying job to support myself and family.

The importance of Affordable college is “Having a solid education allows people to make important choices that affect their personal lives as well as the lives of family members and others around them. People can use the education they receive to in turn help others, which may reduce poverty and increase safety levels.” stated by “Why do people go to school? On Reference.com . Another piece of evidence to say the importance of education is creating a bond called friends and getting to know others from a different perspective besides classmate and they get updated with all the crazy gossip that happens on social media and around school. Than there’s some of those over achievers who want to make their families proud and go to school so they can get better their education and get a paying job to something their passion about.

My name is Hannah and I will be the first in 7 kids to graduate high school and i take school very seriously because knowing my brothers and sisters made bad choices but there doing great. Just graduating will make my parentals proud and knowing that we all graduated because i came this far. Some students don’t understand that education is not free in all countries and then when college comes that’s not free so it’s better to take advantage of free education.

I urge you to understand that increasing the prices of tuition makes students hopes of going to college go down. Every students dream to further their education or to help our their families or seek more opportunities but don’t you think it’s hard if college is expensive and only the high class can afford it. It would be nice to have more programs to help the low income families to afford college. FASFA, WASAFA and scholarships are helpful but I feel like a little be more and encouragement from our president would help out a lot especially if the families understand then its easier for the student to focus on the big picture.



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