Izzy C. Michigan

End The War in Afghanistan

Why do we have to fight? why can't we just figure out another way.

Dear Future President,

My name is Izzy, I live in Saline Michigan and I go to Saline High School. When I look at my phone and check the news, I see the headlines about the war in Afghanistan. I hoped that president Obama would do what he said and end this war. He tried his best and brought a lot of soldiers home. Unfortunately he could not stop the war and he couldn't bring all of the soldiers back.

President Obama withdrew about 35,000 U.S troops out of Afghanistan. Soldiers started withdrawing in 2011, but unfortunately ISIS has taken over much of the Middle East and the US needed to send more troops back to fight “ the war on terrorism”.

The people I feel the most for is the soldiers loved ones, the mothers, the wives, and the children. Not seeing their families for months on end.

Another issue this brings up is the lives of our soldiers in a foreign country

and dealing with a different way of life. This must be so hard on them. I know they're trained for it, but it still must be difficult. Even though casualties are few and far between now, we still lose soldiers daily.

Dear Future President, I know you have no control over ISIS, but I pray as soon as you can send our troops home, please do.