Joshua H. New Jersey

My Letter

I am for tablets in classrooms.

Dear President-Elect Trump,

I am writing to you to tell you that I think that all students should have tablets. Tablets are one of the most important pieces of technology for students. These tablets would bring a new level of standards to the classroom. Tablets will also prevent certain safety issues. They will prepare the students for the hardships of the real world.

Tablets weigh between 1-2 pounds. They weigh less than a regular textbook and could cause virtually no injuries to students. In 2012 students were injured more than 13,700 times with text books being carried in backpacks. This number is very high which means that students will miss more days of learning in the classroom.

Tablets increase the motivation to learn. Students using a tablet were more motivated to learn by 77% than the students using textbooks. Tablets are also great if you do not have storage for books. Tablets are usually less than an inch thick but can hold a numerous amount of textbooks. The Amazon Kindle Fire for example can hold up to 1,000 textbooks and only take up 1GB of storage on the device. These are just some of the ways that tablets will increase the learning and safety to all children.

Sincerely, Joshua H.

St. James School Woodbridge, NJ