Rajesh T. New York

The Fight For Free Education

Education is a important part of the world we live in today but it is not all affordable.

Dear Future President

Education is one of the largest problems in the United States Of America. According to our candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump they also think that this is an important issue. Based on the article “Where do Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on three points about Education” both candidates believe that Common Core should be improved or taken out overall. I have a few friends and family member that have had many bad experiences with the college expenses. My brother had to pay for his full college tuition. He chose not to dorme because it would cost a lot more. Donald Trump stance on this issue according to article “Where do Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on three points about education” is he believes that student loans should be the business of private banks because the government is making money off of students paying for their tuition. On the other hand Ms Clinton says that “ a plan that includes free tuition at public colleges and universities for students whose families earn less than 125,000 a year. I agree with this solution a lot because my very close friend had to get loans to attend his college. Another solution that I think would be relevant is less standardized testing because many tests can cause stress and sometimes lack of rest.

I think that the education system overall need to be fixed because the United States is falling behind in education. According to “The Inside Man” documentary the U.S is 15th in reading, 23rd in science, and 31st in math. The United States is ranked 17th in education. Compared to Finland the United States is nothing. According to the documentary “Inside Man” education is completely free until college. According to the Article “Superintendent meets needs beyond the classroom to help poor kids succeed” many students live under or near the poverty line” and this is a big problem because it will affect the learning conditions of the students. This can affects students attendance. The article states “Gwen McDile a homeless 17 years old in jennings missed so much this fall that it seemed she would be unlikely to graduate this june. That changed when she was invited to move into a hope house.” I think what we should introduce hope houses for students who live in poverty. This piece of evidence is shows a solution to the problem that the United States is facing with poverty and the education system.

Finally I think that Hillary Clinton has a very good idea to make public colleges free because many students are living in poverty and that can have a large impact on the education these students get. You need a good education to get a good job and many people can’t get a good education because of their living conditions or they might not be able to afford college.

Sincerely Rajesh T.