Jacynda R. Colorado

We All Have The Right To Bear Arms

Shall we Americans have the right to bear arms?

 Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

I don’t know who you are yet, but all I know is that you will lead us to freedom. The main question that I have for you today is; do you believe all Americans have the right to bear arms? This is a very popular topic lately. The right to bear arms is like the right to vote. Many Americans can do it, but yet again not many can. I believe that many of Americans are worried about this topic because they worry that if a weapon is in the possession of a murder they could be the target that the murder is trying to get.

If the “Right to Bear Arms” is already a law, why change it. Many people don’t take this as an advantage to get rid of someone; many of us use it as a defense mechanism. According to “The Brussels Journal,” many people are saying that if there are more laws on weapons then the rate of crime will go down. That isn’t true at all. If we have more laws on weapons then many people will try to get ahold of one to prove that that statement is incorrect.

Many adults worry about the crime rate and how it seems to be increasing. Personally, my parents are always worried about me or one of my siblings when we go to hang out with friends. I’ve learned that they aren’t helicopter parents, but they are worried about losing a child. As every child may know, a parents worst fear is losing their child. I totally and utterly agree with that. I’ve lost many loved ones to crime in popular areas where the crime rate is super high. Losing someone is really tough and if Americans have the right to bear arms, I believe, that they should use that for a defense mechanism only.

My stance on this topic is that, Americans, eighteen and older, should have the right to bear arms, as long as they use it responsibly. All Americans have been on this topic lately, and I thought I’ll be one of the millions to join in on this debate. Americans are better than that. At the counter of the weapon area, they should be able to run a background check just in case. So, do you thinks Americans should have the right to bear arms?


Jacynda R.

Colorado Early Colleges

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