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Protect America's Food Supply!

A new kind of food has been introduced to the world: GMOs. Should America follow the numerous countries who have already placed strict bans and regulations on modified foods, or allow its people to keep consuming these synthetic products?

Dear Next President,

For the past couple of decades, GM foods, or genetically modified foods, have been a hot topic around the world. In America alone, around 200 pounds of GM food are consumed per person each year, often in forms of sugar and processed foods. They have become staples in the American diet.

Yet, there was a time before this seemingly necessary food group. In the span of only sixteen years, the amount of herbicides used on crops has increased by 527 million pounds, and the numbers continue to increase. This is because genetically modified plants are often engineered to act as their own pesticide, and as a result are becoming resistant to chemicals that farmers have been putting down for decades. This excessive amount of chemicals outputted have been known to contaminate nearby rivers and streams, affecting aquatic life. Also, the engineered crops can cross-pollinate with the “natural” forms of the same plant, creating unpredictable hybrids and mutations.

There are direct effects on the men, women, and children of America as well. The toxins engineered into plants can sometimes be harmful to humans, especially children.  Also, since the introduction of genetically modified organisms, the number of allergies, especially to gluten and soy, have skyrocketed. Although some researchers say that GMOs have no connection with health issues, much of this research is done by the very companies that engineer these foods. Some risks, along with increased allergies, include “infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system” (Institute for Responsible Technology).

All of these negatives should be enough for the banning, or at least tighter regulation, of genetically modified foods.  America needs to join the 38 countries that have already banned or closely regulate this new kind of food. Please think of the people and future of our country.


Naomi Segal

Okemos High School

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