Carly D. Michigan

Gun Control

Gun Control is a serious problem. The government shouldn't make a new law. Click here to learn more about Gun Control.

Dear Future President,

               People around the world want to make a law to have no guns, but there are 270-310 million guns in the U.S.  Don’t ban guns.

              Three- fifths of criminals say they wouldn't harm an armed victim, so if you got rid of guns there would be more crimes. Criminals would think it’s their chance to harm people, because the victim wouldn’t have a weapon. 200,000 times a year a woman uses a gun for self defense from domestic abusers. Some people that live in big cities carry guns around for self defense, because there are a lot of criminals. 6,000 people say that guns are used defensively for crimes. Parents want protection for their families. Don’t take that away.

              People should be able to have a gun for hunting. If there were no guns then how would we get food and skins? Some people depend on hunting for food. That's some people's income and that's how they get their money. There are 13.7 million people that have guns for hunting. If there were more deer around, that would increase accidents involving deer. That means people would have to pay more money for damage.

              Some people say that crime rates are up and criminals are getting guns.The problem with that is that criminals are always going to have a gun, because they are criminals. They don't follow the law. The only thing the government has to do is enforce the procedures when getting a gun permit. The people that do gun permits just give people a gun permit, and don’t follow the procedures. 1,527 criminals get killed each year by citizens, and 606 criminals get killed each year by police, so if there were no guns for citizens, there would be more criminals around. Don’t ban guns. Please consider this Future President



7th Grade

Evart Middle School

Evart, Mi