Jessica K. North Dakota

World Hunger

The issue in my letter is about World Hunger.

Dear Future President,

I am aware of an issue that affects the whole world: hunger. It makes me feel terrible that I can have a snack whenever, but some people barely get a meal a day. We should start to figure out ways to make this issue, at the very least, better. Everyone is part of this issue, so we need to take action, and help the less fortunate.

About once a month, I have to go in for an orthodontics appointment. It makes my teeth sore, so I can’t eat. I once went a whole day without eating. I thought that was unbearable. Although, as I think about it, people are in the same situation, but much worse. Going through that day was terrible. I can’t imagine going any longer.

World hunger affects everyone. It could affect family, friends, or even yourself. Nearly 9 million children younger than five will die needlessly; sadly, more than half is due to hunger. That’s terrible because these children can’t grow up, get a job, or start a family. Women in hunger are so deficient of basic nutrients that 315,000 mothers die during childbirth. It’s very hard for kids to grow up without a mother, especially while also going hungry on top of that. 1 out of 6 infants are born with low birth weight, mostly in developing countries.

A way we could help out developing countries with hunger is getting them GMOs, or genetically modified organisms. We could modify plants to help them grow in dryer, wetter, or more humid areas. There is much more we can do, like educating developing nations about the positives about GMOs, so that they accept them. For example, countries in Africa were offered a plant that was drought resistant, but they declined the offer. By doing so, they have caused an increasing number of people to starve and die.

I’m wondering why hunger is allowed to go on. We are one world. We need to learn to help each other. Wouldn’t you want help if you didn’t have enough food to feed your family, or even yourself? I believe we should lower food prices and help out developing countries by giving them GMOs, and also developed countries that struggle. World hunger happens everywhere. It could be happening in your community right now. Please, Mr. President, help the people, so they can enjoy life without worrying about where their next meal will come from.

Yours truly,

Jessica K.