Valentina V. Michigan


By keeping borders open, we are not only providing opportunities for immigrants but also providing opportunities for the citizens of the United States.

Dear Future President,

Many years ago our country was founded on the unique collection of people that emigrated from all parts of the world. They collected their special cultures, various traditions, and differing ways of life to create one home, one country. Refugees have continued to travel from the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, to escape persecution or to attempt the American Dream. These people have become as vital to our country as these opportunities have been to them. Immigrants perpetuate economic growth as they work for their future; immigrants contribute to safer neighborhoods and the lessening of violence; immigrants promote innovation allowing for technological advancement. Countless studies have been done and researchers, analysts, and sociologists have all come to the same conclusion. Having accessible borders, opens the United States to new opportunities. Instead of closing ourselves off to the millions that want to be productive members of American society, we should be aiding them in gaining their residencies or citizenships. We should be opening doors to others, for their benefit and for ours.

Traveling to the United States is a chance for immigrants to live a better life and a chance for our country to maintain our economy. Better than anyone, most of these migrants understand that success requires hard work making them willing to do the jobs no one else wants to do. The Washington Post illustrates that they fill labor gaps. They often take jobs that might be below their skill level or lower tier jobs just to provide from themselves and their family. “There are 93 occupations in which 20 percent or more of workers are immigrants. These high-immigrant occupations are primarily, but not exclusively, lower-wage jobs that require relatively little formal education,” a study from Center For Immigration concludes. By occupying these positions, Americans are more likely to become part of the higher tiers of the workforce. Not only do newcomers fill these positions, but they start their own businesses composing 18 percent of all incorporate business owners. Studies have shown that immigrants are more likely to become entrepreneurs which in turn creates jobs and promotes economic stimulation. This is absolutely crucial to the wellbeing of our country. An open border provides, not just opportunities for migrants, but fortuity for America.

The arrival of foreigners has also contributed to a decline in violence within the United States. Contrary to the stereotypes and tabloids, it has been proven that migrants are less inclined to act violently and bring down crime rates. Robert J. Sampson, a sociologist at Harvard, wrote an article for the New York Times explaining exactly that, “ Indeed, the first-generation immigrants (those born outside the United States) in our study were 45 percent less likely to commit violence than were third-generation Americans... Second-generation immigrants were 22 percent less likely to commit violence than the third generation.” Violence in America is a lethal issue all on its own, but new generations of Mexican-Americans, or any other ethnicity for that matter, can lessen the inclination towards violence. This study was done in Chicago, in a span of over 170 neighborhoods. The result has been determined from overwhelming amounts of data and could ensure similar outcomes in cities all over the nation. Two workers for the Afrolatin Project wrote a paper on the framing of immigration, the authors expressed, “Security implies that there is a threat, and a threatened, and that the threatened needs protection. These newcomers are not a physical threat, they are a vital part of our economy and help America function. They don’t want to shoot us or kill us or blow us up.” More often than not, these ‘dangers’ are posed by the exaggerated media who make foreigners targets in order to appeal to their readers. Instead of raising crime rates, they have actually done the opposite. Newcomers not only gain their own fortuity by entering our country, but they also contribute equal opportunities for the U.S. population to become safer and more secure.

Furthermore, residence should be accessible to immigrants because of the newfound innovations they bring to our country. Many migrants open new businesses and allow for technology to advance in new ways that were never thought possible. Their presence allows for job creation and further specialization in the workforce, which creates opportunities for Americans and immigrants to climb the “socioeconomic ladder” as phrased by Lydia DePillis from the Washington Post. These populations are growing and allowing for more and more advances to be made. This in fact, can also be proven by numbers. Nicole Kidder took an opportunity to further analyze some data in People of Our Everyday Lives, “The Hamilton Project notes that U.S. immigrants are 30 percent more likely to start a new business and three times more likely to file patents than American-born citizens.” Immigrants’ actions not only benefit the economy, but also promote the U.S.’s own innovation. Technology is constantly growing and so is the pressure to stay ahead, to develop and improve at exponential rates. This hunger for technological growth cannot always be met by Americans single-handedly. Foreigners bring innovation and allow for new opportunities throughout the economic world. As a country, we should be facilitating and promoting foreigner’s movement across our border.

Our population is ever growing. Our society, our culture is constantly shifting and becoming more complex, more diverse. Immigrants have proven over time, that they can benefit society in ways other cannot. They aid economically, allowing for expansion within the workforce. They benefit our society, helping the inclination towards violence lower. Their presences adds a new perspective furthering our innovation and encouraging the progression of technology. The discussion of immigration has been a controversial one throughout history and is especially heated in today’s world. Some continue to argue that the border needs to be restricted further to limit the amount of new foreigners and to halt illegal movement across our borders. While I agree that illegal immigration is a problem that needs to be resolved, immigration cannot be halted completely. The blend of cultures and ethnicities better our country and enrich our society. Our society can continue to develop exponentially with these positive influences. As the next president of the United States, I hope that you make a difference for the million of immigrants in the United States of America. Please take a moment to remember the founding of this amazing country and the unique culture that we are all a part of of. Everyday people are facing persecution for their beliefs. Others are facing the damage that comes with the terror of war. Some are encountering unfair or unfit governments. Please allow them the opportunity to become productive members of society, to work for their own American dream. Make a difference in a way that can benefit our country for ways to come.


Valentina V

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