Regan P. Iowa


This is a letter to the president concerning the topic of GMOs.

Dear President of the United States of America,

I am writing to you about the controversial topic of of GMO crops. GMOs are genetically modified organisms that have had DNA altered. Some pieces of DNA are removed and replaced with pieces from another organism. I am concerned with the public's reaction to GMOs, and I feel that the public needs to be educated on advancements with GMOs.

Back in 1996, farmers were already planting crops that were modified. These crops produce more grain to feed a growing world. There is only 1.7 acres of crop ground per person, and as the population keeps growing and the amount of tillable land keeps shrinking this will become a major problem to feed the population of the planet. GMOs are the solution to this problem. GMOs produce more than conventional crops while making it easier to manage them. The seed for GMOs might cost more, but it makes sense to plant it. As for the health risks some people associate with eating GMOs, the USDA requires 10 years of research to ensure that a product is safe for the public before it can hit the shelves. The USDA approves all GMOs that are being used today as a solution to our problem. Did you know that broccoli does not occur naturally in the wild? That’s right, broccoli is a man-made crop that you eat every day though it has never crossed your mind that it is a GMO.  Also, it's pretty healthy for you to eat.

I hope by reading this letter I have shed some light on this topic and that you will consider what I have said and what thousands of others are saying as well. GMOs are safe and a smart choice for the future. We need to ensure that the population of this planet is fed, and I think we have found the solution in GMOs. I ask you to keep this in mind during your term as President of the United States of America.


Regan P.