Tyler K. Wisconsin

We. Need. Change.

Racism needs to stop.

Dear Future President,

Some say Racism doesn't exist anymore but on the behalf of many other people I can tell you that that is a lie. There is still racism out there, people treating others different just because of not only the color of their skin it’s more than just your color but because of their race, their culture, their ancestors. WE NEED CHANGE for the better.

With the help of MLK racism died down many years ago but there's still some out there today going around and we need change. Even the Confederate flag some say is a symbol of “racism” but others disagree saying it's not a symbol of “racism” but it is a symbol of “Southern pride.” The Confederate flag was the flag of the south back in the Civil War where The Northers wanted to get rid of slavery while the southerners wanted to keep slavery.

Donald Trump says how he wants to get rid of Muslims out of the U.S. and stop Muslims from coming into the Country because the amount of terrorism going on. I personally think this was kinda of a racist thing to say because obviously not ALL Muslims are Terrorists. While Hillary Clinton welcomes all illegal immigrants with open arm but I also don't think that's a good idea because we can't just let them come and go we need to get rid of illegal immigrants but if they certify as a U.S. citizen then its ok to let them in.

If one white male cop shoots a black male intentionally everyone freaks out saying ALL cops are racist, ALL whites are evil and “F” the police. Just because one person who was racist doesn't mean everyone is. The news goes crazy if anything like that happens but they don't even show any of the good cops that are out there. They pretty much only focus on all the bad cops that intentionally shoot and kill innocent African American adults or even teens and riots happen because of that and others get punished for the destruction of their own property or even injured during the riots that happen or already have happened. If the news showed more of the good things cops did than more of the bad that could make some difference.

I said it before and i'll say it again. WE NEED CHANGE for the better. We need change for this country so we are not treating others different not only because the color of our skin, it's more than just the color of our skin. It's our race, our culture, it's our ancestors, and our past. We need changer so that we are not only separate but that we are one! We need to work together as a nation. I believe that there is a chance where racism will truly no longer exist. But in order for that to happen. We. Need. Change.


Tyler K