Jàke L. Iowa

College Debt

College Debt

October 26,2016

Future President

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Future President,

With college tuition increasing, student debt becoming more and more common amongst young people. One issue to consider for the next four years is how are you going take control of is student debt and make it affordable for kids to attend higher education. I am 16 years old, a sophomore in High School, and will be entering college in less than three years. I will have to take out a loan to go into college unless, I am blessed by a scholarship for a sport because it will not likely be a academic scholarship. A lot of students are in the same boat as myself and will be looking at paying full tuition for four years of education. New states that the average college person pays a whopping 32,345 dollars for one year.

When I was 6 years old my Aunt had to move in with my family because she could not support herself in college due to tuition cost and fear of large student loans. She was still going to college at the time but she could not afford a apartment or food for herself without taking out even higher loans. At the time, I just thought she was spending the night so she could be around me, I was a pretty cool little kid. Overtime, I realized that she had to stay longer and find a good job so she could get out of her student loan debt.

My aunt later found her way out of the debt but she had to stay along time to get back on her feet. As of right now the national student loan debt is 1.2 trillion dollars in America. That is disgusting because the way to get a good paying job you have to at least two or more years of college. The average debt each graduate is 33,000 dollars. President Obama had a student loan forgiveness program which after 20 or 25 years with your student loan debt you would be forgiven and they would pay off your loans. I think to the next president you should have a plan like this that would help out students that are having trouble to pay of their debt.

To sum up, I hope the next president of the United States of America would try to tackle this issue before it gets to be an even bigger problem. Without additional education, we are limited in the good jobs we can get. I hope that when I am entering college I do not have to worry about student loans and how I am going to have to pay them off. If students came out of college without having to worry about their student loans, they would be more successful and be able to provide for themselves and others.


Jake Landphair