Nusia Wisconsin

Help The Homeless

Dear Future President, Please help the homeless out they have nothing for themselves and we’re all human and should be treated the same as everyone else. Many say everyone should be treated the same;however, that is a complete false statement to the homeless. The homeless do not have much for themselves, and are not treated fairly as some may see. It tears me up watching videos on the internet fake, or not that the homeless don’t get the same respect as we do. The homeless is unable to pay for housing, food, healthcare;therefore, there needs to be a way that could help out the homeless. Like building more homeless shelters to provide shelter and food for the homeless. Other than the streets I’m sure any homeless would be happy just to get off the streets and stay somewhere safe and comfortable. Lowering the costs of some jobs may help the lives of homeless people. This effect could help provide lots for many homeless people, and maybe change their life forever. What is heartwarming is others who do care for the homeless and actually try to help the homeless. In conclusion, We should all have equal rights and be treated the same as every single human being. If something isn’t right, then step up and do something right for the community. Sincerely, Eason V