Makiya J.

College Tuition (Money Talk$)

In my letter to the next president, I would like the next president to work on college tuition being so costly.

Dear Future President,                                                                                                                                                                                                     Image a really hard working high school student who knows what you want to be in life and where you will be hopefully attending college at. College is the only thing lingering on your mind. Your from a low-income neighborhood where money is very tight but you know you will never give up until you reach your goal of being the first member of your family to go to college. You and other high school seniors all across the country are currently making one of the most important decisions of your lives…. What college will you be attending and how will you pay for that college? The answer you are hoping to get answered is lowering college tuition.

Many students take out multiple loans in an attempt to combat rising tuition costs;however, the additional debt can sometimes set them back in more ways than they anticipate. Often, young adults delay buying their first home due to rising debt. According to an article from The Labor Department “ The price index for college tuition grew by nearly 80% between August 2003 to August 2013” That is nearly twice as fast as growth in costs in medical care; another area widely recognized for  for fast-rising prices.These high tuition costs are affecting high school seniors and parents who has high hopes for success. As a young teen who cares about my future, I believe that Every person in the United States that wants to go to college should be able to go to college as a reasonable price. I also believe that even if the student does not successfully finish college it is still important that they have the college experience. According to  two-thirds of college seniors who graduated in 2011 had an average debt of $26,600 per student. Meanwhile, unemployment for college graduates in 2011 was at 8.8%. Leaving college without a job and with that much debt is setting them up to fail. And seeing that approximately one and every eleven graduate students don’t have jobs, that’s setting up for a lot of failure.

Some states offer, a lower budget in college tuition or community college which is not as costly as a regular college but it's a regular college. These examples are not enough! In addition to having community college and lowering the costs of college the government should cut college costs according to one's family income. Dear future president, please think of the many hard working seniors who want a good education but cannot because of the skyrocketing prices. Please think of the many parents who didn't have a good education but wants one for their children. Create a law that states that college costs are $100,000 and less.

Sincerely, Makiya Johnson