Max F., Isabel B., & Thang N. Oklahoma

Assure the Safety and Future of Gay Citizens

Gay Americans are still the target of hate crimes.

Dear Next President,

As you take on the role of America’s president, be sure to remember that there are 8.8 million gay people who are living in America. Most living in confusion about the fact that there might be changes to the law about issues related to the gay community. Your job is to assure their safety and future as gay citizens of America. 37 percent of american citizens oppose gay marriage and it could affect the lives of gay people in America. The LGBT community was the highest targets in 2014 for causes of hate crime.

In March 2016, a gay man named Mark Carson was shot and killed by Elliot Morales for reasons of gay hate crime. You, our next president could stop these crimes and hate towards gay people by educating our children who will become the working citizens of America, who the gay community are and to see them as equal citizens of America and not sick, and unfunctional people. By enforcing education about gays in schools nationwide, it could decrease the number of hate crime, confusion, hate, and stigmas associated towards gay citizens.

Gay marriage is a huge relief and yet also a huge problem. While it is now legal in all states to a great relief there are certain states mostly in the south that don't allow the marriage or prohibit it. The rate for denials is at least 93 a year, and while it is an improvement. That is still a great number, as the next president I feel it is your duty to help us and others too have the marriage councils in those states under supervision to prove that this is a serious problem. Please consider all we have said.

Thank you,

Max Foshee, Isabel Bozarth, Thang Nguyen.

Classen School of Advanced Studies

Classen SAS 8th Grade English

Students from Ms. Sutton's 8th grade English classes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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