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Discrimination to the LGBT+ community has to be stopped.

Dear Future President,

        I am here to discuss to you Mr. or Madam President about the issue that even though same sex marriage is now legalized in America, but people who are not supporters of the LGBT+ community are still bullying LGBT youth. The discrimination among this community is a very serious issue. LGBT youth gets discriminated everyday even though I do not see it happen; it does happen. I believe that everyone deserves to be equal and live the life they want to live, so do not let your sexual orientation keep that from being true. Legalizing same sex marriage was a huge accomplish for America. It puts a smile on all the supporters of the LGBT+ community and homosexual people themselves. I support the LGBT+ community because I know people that are in the community they are still struggling with that issue.

       LGBT+ people should not be a problem because they are people like all of us and deserve the same rights as all other human beings in this world. They do not feel safe in this world due to all the discrimination, accepting themselves, and the process of coming out and coming out to new people many times after. Straight people are treated fairly and the LGBT+ community as well because they are people too. Some heterosexual or straight people do not accept those that are LGBT+ due to religion and they say "it's a sin" and "marriage being between a man and a woman." I disagree with that because marriage is between whoever you love regardless of their looks and preference. Probably straight people are not supportive of the LGBT+ community for the reason that they think these people are posed to being a threat to them.

       Another term for LGBT+ is homosexuality, which there are very little people that exists. "The terms gay and homosexual are roughly equivalent and refer generally to men or women who are sexually attracted to people of the same gender." People who are attracted to the same sex are not going through a "phase", that is what they are born. This is not true because everyone is born their own way. "Many are frequently denied the same basic human rights enjoyed by heterosexuals, such as freedom of assembly and expression, access to legal and medical resources, and protection from cruel and unusual punishment or human exploitation and trafficking." People of the community are still being bullied because they do not understand that they are also people. Some rights should not be taken away for the reason that they do not like the opposite sex. The fact that same sex marriage is now legal in the United States, it does not stop discrimination. All I am saying is that everyone is equal and should deserve the same rights. Heterosexual people have the view of homosexual people and make them feel safe and not discriminate.



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