Dylan M. Alabama

Gay Marriage

I think that gay marriage should continue to be legal.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President

Gay Marriage should still continue to be legal throughout the U.S. even if there are disagreements, because we as Americans need to emphasize the words of the constitution: Equality and Liberty. Having a right to marry follows those two exact words. An argument is that marriage should follow the Bible and stick with the tradition between a man and a woman. America wasn't founded upon the Christian religion. America was founded upon separation of Church and State, so what does religion have to do with the legal matters of the Constitution? Also, if we deny the people who want to follow through with Gay Marriage, then what does that make them? Citizens will continue to feel that they are a second class, and feel very separated from America. You need to continue to defend the rights of people who want Gay Marriage. The Constitution was created to help America, but you would be disrespecting it along with the words "Liberty" and "Equality" if you choose to not defend the right for Gay Marriage.


Dylan Milner