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People of every sexual orientation: bisexual, straight, gay, lesbian, transgender came together to show support and pride by marching in the Pride Parade in Albany, NY. This symbolizes change that people can love one another for who they are and not who other people want them to be. Love who you are no matter how many haters try to bring you down.

Dear future President,

I bet that you know someone or are possibly related to someone in the LGBT community; no matter who it is we as humans still make a big deal about the gays the bi’s the lesbians and the transgenders. Put yourself in their shoes, how would you feel if you were denied being on your spouse's insurance, how about getting married with a job friday come back Monday and you are fired because you are with someone of the same sex? You wouldn't feel too great would you?

In 2013 a transgender person fought for their civil rights because she was trying to use the ladies room at her job. Because of her past for being a guy, her rights to use the ladies room were denied; not only that but the boss called her the wrong pronoun, “HIM”, on purpose. Fighting for LGBT rights is a civil rights movement! Seriously how many more deaths in the LGBT community do we need to see until people realize this is a serious problem? We are all humans. Our sexual differences should not give us different rights.

Even a United States senator, HIllary Clinton who is now in the running for the next president, says enough is enough. She addresses hate crime. She has fought for making federal charges against people who are discriminating against people in the LGBT community to protect them and keep them safe in work and the outside world. Hillary is also trying to stop the ban on gay couples from being able to adopt kids.

Yeah yeah and we all know the whole “it’s Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve” however nowhere in the seven sins does it say being gay is wrong. “God” is supposed to forgive the sins and love us for all we have and who we are as a person no matter what sexual orientation or other diversity we are part of. We as “God's” creation must be treated equal and loved as equally as the next.

Let’s look at changes.  Americans need to start realizing that we are all humans.  We are all different; people come from different backgrounds, beliefs, and sexual orientation, but we can’t see each other as monsters. We shouldn’t be blamed for all the wrongs in America; we should be looked upon as any straight person would. Instead of hate, we should come together and help make America good again.

When is this going to stop? We need to end the harassment, judgement, bullying, and murder.  LGBT people are humans; we live in this world together. We should all be treated equal. Innocent people are killing themselves, cutting themselves, feeling as though they are useless to the world all because people aren’t okay with who they are or who they love. Love is a very power word; why would someone use this as a joke.? Put yourself in their shoes ... how would you feel if someone judged you?

Thank you for your time and consideration,


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