Cobie R. Oklahoma

Protect Gay Marriage

Gay marriage was a really big problem until now. Let's not change it.

Gay marriage, it was a really big problem up until now. Not really with the people that were getting married but more of the people that didn’t enforce the law so they could get married. So my proposal to the next president is that you don’t bring these problems back into society.

On May 18, 1970, two University of Minnesota students, Richard John 'Jack' Baker and James Michael McConnell applied to Hennepin County District Court clerk Gerald Nelson for a marriage license. He denied the application, because the applicants both were men. Baker and McConnell sued Nelson, claiming Minnesota law on marriage made no mention of gender. The trial court was not impressed with the argument, agreeing with Nelson. This picture I have drawn was to show how some men, and women, had to go to other states to get married and how most were denied. How I drew this is the two rings connected on necklace chains being ripped apart stating that right was being taken away from them.

Earlier April 29 in 2016, the constitutional court dismissed a judge's petition against equal marriage rights for heterosexual and homosexual couples. This is making that 37 states in North America that allows gay marriage. According to Washinton Post, in 2015 before the constitutional court legalized gay marriage, 390,000 people has been wedded. Now according to LA Times, in 2015 after the constitutional court legalized gay marriage nearly 100,000 has wedded. Now that a huge difference. Now let’s keep it that way.

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