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Pollution is a greater problem than some people may think it is. It makes this planet more and more dangerous everyday, and causes many problems for us and our environment.

Dear Next President,

       Did you know that the world is slowly dying everyday because of all the pollution going around? Did you also know that most of this pollution is made by us, humans? The world is getting more and more dangerous by the minute. More and more animals are dying each day, and more earthquakes are happening. Therefore, I am writing this letter to you to ask you to address this problem.

       One of the many reasons for pollution is the recent fracking problems. Fracking is involves a man made well. It's the process of drilling down into the ground to extract oil and natural gas. The problem with this is it causes chemicals underground to come up into the air and water. Most of these chemicals are very dangerous to people's health. According to the article, "Human and Ecological Risk Assessment", research has found that 75% of the chemicals can affect skin, eyes, and other important organs in the human body. About 40% of it can affect the brain, immune systems, and kidneys. 37% could possibly affect the endocrine system and about 25% of the chemicals may cause cancer and mutations. Fracking is also one of the reasons why earthquakes happen. Many things can go wrong with fracking such as oil spills, which makes fracking one of the major problems causing pollution.

         Another problem is the depletion of the ozone layer and pollution causing more and more animals to die. Some animals are almost brought to extinction, such as the Bald Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, Brown Pelicans, and many more. Some animals who rely on the cold weather are also in danger. Pollution is also the cause of global warming. Global warming is the increase in temperature of the earth's surface. Global warming causes ice all around the world to slowly melt and causes the sea levels to rise. It's also causing animals to die off or move North and makes the water warmer than it should be. Corals are also in danger of losing their beautiful colors and turning white because of coral bleaching. Animals such as penguins, polar bears, foxes, and many more animals who rely on the cold have to find a new place to be able to survive, but those who can't move to another type of habitat may die off in the next few years unless we take care of this beautiful planet. Having higher sea levels can cause stronger hurricanes, storms, floods, and droughts. Fresh water may also become less and less available in the next few years. According to the article "How Much Water is in the Human Body" by Nestle Waters, our bodies are made up of 75-78% of water and without fresh water to drink we also may slowly die off in the next few centuries. The pollution that we are producing is affecting us and the species on this planet.

         The final reason for pollution is our everyday habit of littering. Everyday there is some type of littering whether it be on the streets, sidewalks, etc. People also litter in the ocean causing animals that live in the ocean to die. According to the article, "Eight Million Tons of Plastic Dumped in Ocean Every Year" by Laura Parker and National Geographic, about 8 million tons of trash are thrown into the ocean each year, most of it being plastic. Litter that people throw in doesn't decompose and becomes part of this world; it sits there and gets carried off through currents and washes up on beaches. We can throw our trash in the trash can instead of littering. Why don't we do it instead of littering all over the place? It is unhealthy for everyone especially this planet.

         I know some people may disagree, but I think pollution is a greater problem than some may think it is. Its important to preserve this planet for a better future for us and the environment. I know to solve problems like this we need not only one person but the whole community to be able to help. We have an amazing source of energy called technology so why don't we use it for problems such as this? I know its takes time and great minds to figure out a way to save this planet but I believe we can make this a safer environment for everyone if we work together. No one wants to live in a world that's slowly dying. I think you should not only think about the people of America but also think about and let people know what is happening to the environment we are living in and make a better place for our future.

East Central High School - Tulsa

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