Kade A. Oklahoma

Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal

Medical marijuana should be legal because it can help cancer patients with their pain.

Dear Next President,

Many people including myself believe medical marijuana should be legal. Many people believe it should stay illegal. I understand that there are more important issues in America but medical marijuana is one of the many issues i believe there is in this country, and i believe that we as a country will be able to come to the conclusion to make the right decision.

The biggest reason i believe medical marijuana should be legal is because it can help out cancer patients going through chemo therapy because it will it helps with pain. CDC (centers for disease control and prevention) claims that Each year, about 650,000 cancer patients receive chemotherapy in an outpatient oncology clinic in the United States. These statistics only show the Americans that go through chemotherapy, that does not include the cancer patients that don't go through chemotherapy.

This past December my uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer from agent orange from the vietnam war. We past away last month, and his last month alive he couldn't talk to us he couldn't stand up he couldn't even sit up his pain killers were not strong enough to even put a dent in his pain if he was able to have marijuana it might have mabey just mabey have relieved his pain a little bit to let him live a more peaceful life before he died because it was terrible to see his pain it was harder to see his pain then it was when we lost him.

Making medical marijuana illegal makes more people having drug useage a\on their criminal record because for many people they don't care if it is legal or not. They will just buy it illegally from a drug dealer or someone. Because when people want something and they want it bad especially if it is something that they really truly care about they will do whatever it takes to get it no matter what it takes or what happens to them.

P.S my partner did not help at all i wrote the entire paper on my own that's why i had my life experience

Sincerely kade aspell 2B 

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