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Gay acceptance

A letter about gay acceptance

Dear future President of the United States,

When I was little, there was something always out of place in this world and something that never seemed right. Eventually’, ‘the weird hole that I felt was “identified as’the cookie cutter way that “love” was portrayed. Some other people found this out and decided to break the shell and rules of “love,” and they were teased, shot, and killed. But the Homosexuals ended up finding the grand prize, a little something called love. And that's what people call gross, wrong, nasty, and a sin, and all they did was love another person.

All hearts dropped on the dreadful day of June 12, 2016 when 49 homosexuals died and 53 were wounded just because they felt a loving feeling to another person of the same gender. The issue in America is the fact that we let people kill for pitiful reasons for no real reason. What I would like to happen in this cruel world is for some acceptance for people to fall in love. or no reason should that ever be denied and looked upon as a “sin” or something they should be ashamed of.

Why can’t this world make some sense and get up and accept us as human beings and get to worse and more important issues in the world? If people approved of us as normal or right, we and all of America and the world will see that the reasons like homosexuality, racism and gun control are so microscopic compared to the bigger issues that all they are doing is getting to the end goal which is world peace.

So Mr./Mrs. President, this is what I ask of you when you are the leader of our “beautiful” country. All I ask is to make us feel equal and one with the U.S. and to keep gay marriage and to make sure that it will always be equal for years to come. Now Mr. or Mrs. President, my job has ended and now yours will begin.