Evan Pennsylvania

Police Brutality

Police are killing inocent people, and it needs to stop.

Dear Next President,

In over a year's span of time, cops kill more than 1,000 people. Police are using violence when it is not needed. Police are taking the lives of innocent people, most recently black people.  There needs to be a change before anyone else is hurt or killed.

Too many innocent people are being hurt or killed by police. Police are using actions that are not needed in certain situations. For example, not to long ago in North Carolina an innocent black man was shot while just sitting in his car. Following events like this, some people can become outraged. Walking up and down streets protesting, which could get out of hand, and cause even more violence.

Even though the most recent shootings have been against blacks, the police could do this to anyone. The threat is to all people. Sometimes people's actions can cause police to act harmfully; police need to not react before they fully know and understand the situation. Police are supposed to make sure people are safer, no matter what color skin they have.

There needs to be a change to these actions by police. Some ideas are the police need to have a different approach to situations. They need to stop assuming the worst of people. The only people that can change this situation are the police themselves. The overreaction and quick use of violence by police are turning communities against them, rather than supporting them and what they do to keep our communities safe and free of crime.

To conclude, police brutality has a major effect on many communities. By killing innocent people, others can start riots. These riots can cause danger to even more people, especially the people that live nearby where these riots take place. Police are using violence when it is not needed, killing innocent people, most recently blacks, but their actions can affect anyone.



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