stephone s. Pennsylvania

We need to sit down and have a discussion about B.L.M.

two year ago teenagr michael brown was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson, and this situation riddled with lies and misconceptions spawned the toxic known as the black lives matter movement that has done more bad then good, and now if any white or black person tries to criticize the movement is called a racist or a coon and I think insted of being silenced around every corner we should actual sit down and have a conversation about the current state and whether we can improve the black lives matter movement.

if a black man is shot in the woods, and no one is around to see it, will it still cause a riot?

in the current state of America there is clearly a high racial tension between African Americans and Caucasian Americans, and I as an African American citizen am inclined to state that a big part of why these racial tensions have slowly been bubbling up over the past two years is because of group like the black lives matter movement and media outlets such as fox news using tactics to make things appear more than they are, fear mongering to scare people and divide us more, in situations where we need communication the most in a desperate attempt to get better ratings. now just because I do not support black lives matter does not mean that I do not believe black lives matter as is the case for many people, in the beginning I may have cheered on the idea that black people take a stand and fight for the last bit of respect we need to make America finally feel like home, but as I grew and time went on I realized that this group began to grow more and more hectic over time. what should be peaceful protest slowly turning into riots something that is completely unjustified. now when I think of the black lives matter movement i think of segregation (, overwhelming and kinda creepy disrespect for law enforcement (, and most shockingly milwaukee ( and that's the tip of the iceburg on how out of hand this whole movement has gotten. now what am i saying, that every person involved in black lives matter is a white hating jerk? no no but I am saying that there is Definitely some serious problems within this movement that we as citizens should look into, this is not just about the black community, this is about everyone's safety, when videos and articles detailing events that happen during BLM "protest" I say it's within my right to be a little on guard for my safety, especially since a lot of them happen so close to where I actually live. we desperately need to have an honest to god discussion, where we can sit down and talk about the over talked about topic of racism and black lives matter and how we can either fix or get rid of it, a conversation where names like "racist" and "coon' isn't thrown around for having an opinion that some people don't agree with, it might not cause too much of an effect but it will definitely leave an impact big enough in which we will see some change.

sincerely, Stephone.