Da'Jhia Roberson

Transgender Bathroom Policies

In this letter, I assert that more states should pass transgender bathrooms policies.

October 20, 2016

Dear Future President,

How would you feel if you felt uncomfortable using a bathroom? Some people who struggle with their identity should not have to worry about using restrooms in public places or schools. As an empathetic young person, I think about what transgenders go through everyday when trying to figure out what bathroom to use and how I would feel if I were them.

People in this world are transgender and have a difficult time choosing what bathroom to use in schools or in public areas. In order for transgenders to feel comfortable using a bathroom in school or in public areas, these communities should install an unisex bathrooms for both male and female transgenders. In North Carolina, "the bathroom bill" bans transgenders from using bathrooms that do not match their gender on their birth certificates (Drake). States should be aware of making sure the transgenders are being treated no different then any female and males.

According to The New York Times, about 1.4 million adults in the United States identity themselves as transgender (Hoffman). Furthermore, the law bans transgender people from using bathrooms that does not match the gender on their birth certificate (Drake). In addition, transgenders are affected by the laws that were passed by the U.S, also people of the community are also affected because most citizens wouldn’t want a born male, that looks like a female, in a women bathroom. Moreover, the state contends, “its laws does not discriminate against transgender people or treat them different than people who are not transgender (Nattin).

I propose the following actions: listen to the stories of those who are transgender and have a difficult time dealing with the bathroom policies, take the time to look at the points of view and see how they feel about these laws, and what it means to them as a transgender “male” or “female”. Lastly, states should create laws to protect transgenders and establish bathrooms where they feel comfortable and are not being discriminated by society.


Da'Jhia Roberson