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Gun control

My letter is about gun control

Dear future president,

Guns, crime ,death all of these things seem to tie together strongly it seems the more these issues are becoming public the more often they're happening. Too many it also may seem the U.S cannot trust its own people with a right that so many men and women have died to protect, the second amendment. But in all truth a criminal someone who is willing to inflict harm on someone for their own personal gain will find a means to do that very thing whether it be with a firearm or baseball bat. The U.S federal government has regulations to owning a firearm these consist of of filling out a 4473 a six page form created by the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives a background check searching for any felonies or a year or more of jail time. Access to firearms are denied if you fail to meet all of these requirements. For these reasons I believe Firearm regulations are at a healthy stand point and there should be no further more regulation set in place.

Chicago's murder rate has gone up 45 percent this year alone but Chicago also has had a very large increase in gun control laws in the past year. Taking weapons away all together or making firearms more difficult to purchase won't prevent things like the recent miami nightclub shooting or other atrocities pro gun control activists are usings as an example to get supporters for the ban of firearms. The ban of firearms is not the answer neither is the absolute legalization of firearms these things have been tried with no success all throughout the world.

This problem has no answer thousands of crimes every year are stopped or prevented by law abiding citizens carrying firearms before the police arrive. Admiral Isoroku yamamoto's famous quote states “I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant and filled him with rage”. I believe when ww11 Japanese admiral Yamamoto stated this he did not speak of the immense power of the U.S military but he spoke of the even more threatening presence of the American people. This country is well known for the resilience of its great people when they set their mind to something it happens. Support of the right to own firearms to immense for the ever to be a change in the second amendment But if the populace is very properly educated on gun ownership crime will not only decrease but the issue will soon no longer be present

Dear future Mr or Mrs President I ask that you do everything in your power to keep the regulations set in place And to very properly educate all U.S citizens on gun ownership and use if you do these things I believe this unsolvable problem will be placed in a strong middle ground for both sides



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