Gabe Washington

Gun Control

I want the future president to address gun control and the availability of guns.

Gabe W

Olympia, WA

7 November, 2016

The Next President of the United States

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Next President:

The world is a great place, but not everyone can live to their full extent. Two percent of guns deaths, are mass shootings. The rest are accidents, suicide, and self defense. The world is in a hard position with gun control. If they ban all guns, people who only have them for self defense don’t have anything, but no one else would have a gun to steal from people. If they don’t ban it, there will be more and more shooting, and more shootings means more deaths that are unnecessary. Those that are shot and die, don’t deserve to die. They deserve the life that everyone else gets.

The nation struggles with gun control, There are way too many people who have guns for only self defense. The background checks need to be better or just not sell guns. The nation would be a better place. More people could live out a full life without a shooting that shouldn’t happen. Those people that do live are scared from the sight, are paranoid, are afraid of a lockdown because a lockdown is what happens when someone is in the building and if you don’t make it to a classroom from the hall, you are the first one the shooter will see.

If this problem didn’t exist, people could live longer. There would be little to no shootings. If guns are banned, if all the guns were taken back and just given to the military our military would be stronger, people that like guns a lot would join the military. Our nation would be better. All you have to do is ban them. An easy law. Those who have guns now, can keep them but they can’t get ammunition.

Banning guns and taking the guns that are owned by people who aren’t in the military should be taken to it. There won’t be unnecessary deaths from shootings and there won’t be accidents while shooting targets. Our military will be stronger, bigger, better. People will be safer. There will be less robberies because they can’t break into houses and have such a big threat like guns. The only thing they would have is a knife and you can defend yourself easier if they have a knife compared to a gun.

Life will improve for all people because they won’t have to worry about intruders with guns. The only thing intruders can do is have a knife or something. They can’t break doors, and if everyone locks the doors, the intruder can’t go anywhere except for leave. The intruder either has to leave, or the police will catch them. There will be less deaths, and less worries. Nothing bad can happen except for self defense but most people have a phone and they can hide and call the police to get the intruder or robber.

The first thing that the president could do is ban guns. Then shut down anywhere that sells guns or ammunition and get the people that work there new jobs because it isn’t fair if you take away where they work because it means they can’t make money and maybe not afford a house anymore. Anybody can help by convincing their parents or any relatives to take the guns to the military or contact the president.


Gabe W