Eve F. Michigan

Terrorism must be stopped

Terrorism is becoming one of the biggest problems in the world today, if not the biggest problem.

Dear future president,

2016 is turning out to be a transformative year for the middle east countries but not for the better. I believe that something needs to be done about terrorism.

The spreading of terrorism is getting out of control because it is spreading all over the world. Somebody needs to figure out how to stop the spreading of terrorism, that should be our next president. Because of terrorism spreading mostly in the middle east and all over the world we should stop the terrorists before they make it to America and find out why terrorism is spreading so quickly.

One reason why terrorism is spreading so quickly is because they have resources. “Resources have landed up in IS’ hands because of the money they have recieved, the help of Qatar, and Qatar allowed Taleban to open an office.” This means that the Islamic State is getting resources from other countries and help and support from other countries. This is important because these terrorists are getting access to resources that they shouldn’t be, because they are abusing those materials and using them for bad and evil. This is also taking resources away from other countries that actually need them.

Another reason why terrorism is spreading is because they are getting help from others. “Qatar’s assistance/organizations are making these other countries corrupt. Qatar is providing IS with machinery and weapons so they are prepared.” This means that these terrorists are getting help from Qatar to get prepared for their attacks. They’re being provided with weapons and machinery. This is because these terrorists are getting extra assistance from Qatar which is helping IS but hurting other countries because they’re living in fear from all of the terrorism going on. This is taking machinery away from other countries where they actually need these resources and materials.

Lastly, terrorism is spreading because they have strong leaders and their target is the entire world. “The number of deaths have risen in America and Europe, terrorism is a regular occurence.” This means that strong leaders are the key to these terrorists’ success and they are targeting basically everywhere to create fear. This is important because this means that terrorist groups are excelling because of their strong and powerful leaders. This is also important because terrorism is spreading everywhere and that’s because the terrorists’ target is all over the world because their goal is to create terror and fear.

Something has to be done about the spreading of terrorism. Terrorism is getting way too out of control. Terrorism needs to and should be eliminated but that is something very difficult and hard to do. The next president should start off by creating more secure programs to stop terrorism. If there is someone to stop terrorism I believe it would be our future president. Something needs to be done about terrorism because it’s one of the biggest issues that the world is facing today, if not, it is the biggest issue.


Eve F.

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