Logan F. Michigan

Gun control in the U.S

People are supposed to be against gun control, but they're actually not.

Dear Future President,

We should have more control over gun distribution to make the people feel more safe in the United States. There have been many recurring shootings and, in proper use of registered or illegal firearms. People all over the United States are concerned that control over firearms is needed. Even if it was to keep a record of how many firearms are distributed in each household. This issue is even being talked about in the house of representatives, and congress, It’s even affecting our economy, and how it's being handled is an issue.

The economy had struggled during the Iraq war, because Obama had NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) troops go into the Afghans territory, and invade the terrorist leaders caused by many attacks. Obama had raised tax rates by a little more than two percent; which had people protest from the action. With some of the money Obama had earned in the upping tax rate he had put restrictions on if people could or couldn't buy a firearm. “Obama hadn’t helped when he said in a public discourse and discussion he said, “ Rather than pointing fingers or assigning blame,” he also said “let us use the occasion to expand our moral imaginations, to listen to each other more carefully, to sharpen our instincts for empathy, and remind ourselves of all the ways our hopes and dreams are bound together.”(Barack Obama” Encyclopedia Britannica.)

Another reason to have gun control is because of it concerns safety, crime,hunting for resources, the common defense, and even slaves; and how the country portrayes there part on it in there certain part of that colony's way, just like the United States during its early stages of the country. Which could mean the police officials start checking in all weapons and firearms that are purchased so they have an idea on what a threat a person could be in the right circumstance. The universal arms bearing in colonial America had gone of the makings of Italian political philosopher to keep the army from getting to involved in what they do. As the United States Constitution, “a well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms , shall not be infringed.” (Gun Control by encyclopedia Britannica, 28 june. 2010)

Lastly, “members of the common law movement, white supremacists, and armed opponents of taxes and abortion, coalesced in the “patriot movement” which may well have attracted millions of sympathizers.”(Militia Movement “ Encyclopedia Britannica of the 17th of April. 2009). They had adopted overtly anti government policies. Then during the 1980s people had relied on survivalism, a movement that advocated retreat to self-sufficient and well-armed rural settlements in anticipation of a general break down society. The sympathizers had been trying to tell the United States there was nuclear attack coming, but it never came and they were jailed for mistrustful conduct. The (Federal Bureau of Investigation) FBI had shut down all the survivalists. They had shut them down by stopping riots and false rumors we’re brought to court and fined for false rumoring attacks and general breakdown of conduct to people.

So bringing together everything that has been stated, what are your thoughts on gun control. Would it be safer to have more gun control over the United States. Should there be more or less control over distribution of guns in the United States. If so how should we go about it. That is what i’m asking of you, future president, what are you prepared to do for the safety of your people. What could help a new law better salesman of firearms.


Logan F.


jeff Wallenfeldt - Manager, Geography and History, Encyclopædia Britannica.

David Mendell - Journalist. Author of Obama: From Promise to Power.

John Philip Jenkins - Professor of history and religious studies, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania. Author of A History of the United States, Mystics and Messiahs: Cults and New Religions in America, Synthetic Panics: The Symbolic Politics of Designer Drugs, and others.

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