Samuel H. Michigan

Dear Mr. President

Gun Control leads to higher murder rates


Gun control have become a controversial topic inside the US Since forever. This has become a sensitive topic because of mass shootings and increasing violent crime rates. But the problem is that gun’s don’t kill people, people kill people. People try passing things similar to other country’s gun control, but the problem is that they wouldn’t work. I think that the problem is that all this tightening is causing higher death rates. And here are the reason’s why.

One reason why i think gun control wouldn’t work is because of crime rates in the UK after it’s ban on handguns.’s statistics of homicide rates of England and Wales shows that the number of murders by handguns rose sharply after the ban was passed, and only kept rising until they hired 20,000 new policemen. This isn’t only in the UK, Either. After Ireland and Jamaica past anti-handgun bans, they also experienced extreme hikes in crime rate, showing this isn’t just a UK Problem.

Another reason is that it criminalizes innocent people. Some gun legislatures is trying to be passed that people are required to register their guns. This only criminalizes normal people who want to keep their guns. In Australia, According to an investigation by The New Daily, after the Gun Ban, Crime rates related to Gun skyrocketed because people were getting arrested for just having ammunition, causing people to be sent to jail for tiny things. This is bad because it create’s hardened criminals out of mostly innocent people, causing a possibility of more crime.

Finally, we have the problem of availability of guns. Even if people put gun control legislation into effect, even banning all guns, that’s just for normal, law abiding citizens. Criminals are the one’s that will always be able to purchase guns via the black market. But the problem with that is that civilians having guns actually act as a deterrent for criminals. Studies show that 86% of criminals scope out and see if their target is armed. This proves that guns actually act as a deterrent for crime.

So, in conclusion, flat out banning guns increases crime rates. Including that, crime rates go up, and gun carrying citizens act as a deterrent. So, what’s the answer? As i stated in the intro, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. I suggest that we increase the number of police currently in service, as this helped lower britain's crime after they had their gun ban. This should in turn help lower the crime rate because more people would be looking out for more of this type of actions and would, in turn also higher more people, allowing for more jobs, creating a win-win.

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