Bryson Kentucky

Gun Violence

Gun Violence

Dear Future President

          I’m writing to you about the need for stricter gun laws or something done with guns to prevent more killings or injuries; guns are getting in the hands of the wrong people and they are causing harm. Us people who live in the United States have had an enormous amount of killings by a weapon. Often we see how people can easily get their hands on a weapon and start a shooting.  So I think more gun control laws would reduce gun deaths or injuries.

          I think that one of the first steps we need to take is implementing gun control laws. For example, we could take a lesson and require that in order to buy a gun you first have to take a gun-safety course, fill out an application, and complete paperwork. Having better gun control laws could reduce crime rates and terrorist threats. I believe that people should have the right to carry guns for protection but I don’t believe that an average person should be carrying a military grade weapon in their daily lives. Maybe getting rid of these weapons sold to the public would reduce terrorist threats, because it would make it complicated for terrorist to find guns, forcing them to bring guns into the country, which should also be very hard.

          Now the laws should not be strict to a point to where people can't own them but to a point to where harming others with happen less because it’s not the guns who kill people, it’s people who kill people. We can't have one person's stupidity effect another person.