Samuel S. Illinois

No more gun violence!

I think guns are too easy to buy or get. My paragraph is shows numbers and stats of death by guns. In my paragraph I talk about people who are mentally crazy and were still able to buy a gun because there was no background checks.

Dear President,

There hasn’t been background checks for guns for a long time. So anyone could buy a gun. Lawmakers have barely been revisiting background checks since a school in Connecticut had a gun shooting. Before anyone could get a gun because they weren’t doing background checks.

In the month of June of this year there was 104 deaths in the United States by guns shootings. In June of this year in one day there was 50 deaths by guns. The people who shot the guns obviously bought them probably with intentions to kill someone. But they were still able to get the gun because there was no background check. On October 25 a man killed 2 people and then killed himself. That shows that they are allowing people to buy guns who have something wrong with them. If someone kills themself there has to be something not right with them but the person who sold the gun didn’t know that because there was no background check.

It will take three days or a single cell phone call to buy a gun.

A background check should take about three days which is not long at all. Even worse it is possible to do a background check over a single cell phone call. So what they tells us is a gun can easily be purchased in one day. If someone gets a cleared background check over the phone he or she can then go buy a gun that same day. So basically it only takes one day to buy a gun.

There is no limit to how many guns you can buy.There used to be a “one-gun-a-month” law that was in effect from 1993-2012. That law is no longer in effect so a person can easily buy 3,4,5 etc. guns in one day. There should be way more limits and rules to buying a gun. It shouldn’t be this easy.

Guns are too easy to get or buy. There should be more limits and restraint to buying a gun. For example, there should be more thorough background checks, there should be a limit to how many guns you could buy in one month, and last there should be some sort of “check-up” to see if there is anything wrong with the person.

Gurrie Middle School

McGovern Period 1/2

Ms. McGovern's Period 1/2 ELA Class

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