Derek D. Michigan

Letter To President

Dear Madame or Sir, Immigration is a big deal in America and always has been. This presidential election has highlighted how much of an issue it is because both of the candidates have opposite views on how immigration should be handled. In this letter I will be addressing my own views on immigration and what policies I believe should be put in place

My ideas on immigration are similar to Donald Trump’s views such as building a wall, making the test harder to becoming an American citizen, and make a fence around Mexico so that illegal immigrants can not come into america unless they at least try to make themselves legal. Another way to reduce immigrants would be to make the test more difficult to become a legal citizen, a big one would be to keep the current laws that are in place there.

What would be the first act of the president? My first act would be to make a search for illegal immigrants and deport the ones that do not belong unless they are under 16 and they had no choice to come here because they had to listen to their parents. My next act would be to build a the wall to make the borders not completely opened like they are.I believe we need to keep track of how many illegal immigrants that we deport and how many we still have.

The next president should know what they think is the right thing to do. If we were to use my idea we would need people who have the same ideas and thoughts that we do and would patrol the wall and someone to keep check of the immigrants and finally we need someone to make the legal test harder. Also for this we would need people to back us up because you know with every idea there is going to be protest and we need people to be there to back us up when that fight happens.

So overall this is what i believe is the right idea to handle immigrants in the United States Of America. I hope the next president handles immigration the same way that i believe they should and i think if they do they can make america great again.So if was the legal age to vote i would obviously vote for the candidate Donald Trump because our ideas are similar.


Derek Draher

Ithaca Junior High School

8th Grade Social Studies - 5th Hour

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