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Gun Control

Gun Control

Because of the many viewpoints on gun control, the next president should take into account all of them when addressing this issue. In an article written by Meghan Rosen from science news in may 2016, she included the following information from the CDC. “stark reality in 2013, roughly 33,636 people died from gun injuries in the United States. Suicides outnumbered homicides almost 2:1. Males made up the bulk of gun deaths” (Rosen, Misfires in the gun control debate: researchers face roadblocks and a dearth of informative data). One of the most popular topics discussed when talking about this year's election is gun control. I believe it is one of the biggest issues in our country today.

First, one side that is commonly taken when talking about gun control is the pro gun control viewpoint. These people want more restrictions placed on firearms. In an article written by Jonathan M. Metzl and Kenneth T. MacLeish they state, “There’s a convincing link between gun availability and gun suicide for one”(Metzl MacLeish, Mental Illness, Mass Shooting and the Politics of American Firearms). This explains how the more guns are available the more gun deaths will happen.

Secondly, another side of the argument is anti gun control. In other words these people want less restrictions regarding firearms. One of the more common arguments for this viewpoint is the good guy bad guy concept. This idea is that the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. In An article by Meghan Rosen she writes, “Such laws which allow people to carry concealed handguns in public, could offer people a means of defense”(Rosen, Misfires in the gun control debate: researchers face roadblocks and a dearth of informative data). Having a law like this is important to have and even more important to keep because it allows the common public to have firearms and be able to protect other innocent people in a dangerous situation.

I believe the next president of the United States Of America should actively try to solve this issue and the constant arguments that surround it. The next president should fight to keep the 2nd ammendment in our constitution because it is what makes us american. No other powerhouse countries have the right to bear arms like the United States does. Although we have many more gun deaths in our country it is important to keep this right. Our founding fathers wanted the citizens to have the right to bear arms and that is the way it should stay.

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