Garrett O. Michigan

Drunk Driving

Did you know that many people each year die from drunk drivers its a very shocking number. Drunk drivers should have harsh penalties to make them not wanna drink again. Drunk driving is unjust, And purely wrong and should not happen anymore.

Dear Next President,

Many people think drunk driving is a problem, And I do too. Im sure you didn't know that did you because people think that it's just another death but its not its people dying when they shouldn't be. Drunk driving matters and isn't something you should just forget, I believe it's something you should care about because i think it's a big issue. Drunk driving is a big problem and is growing uncontrollable its cause the traffic accidents to be sky high and isn't good for our americas.

Also, The statistics show that drunk driving is something to be concerned about and people under age are getting into drinking as well as a 50 percent of 10th graders drink alcohol (niaaa/alcohol abuse). To prevent this we could start by making bars have a limit for patrons over drinking because that would help alot if bars would stop serving after people are beyond the legal limit. The least a bar could do to stop these accidents and drunk driving they could make sure the patron has a ride home if their drunk or at least call them a uber or a cab. We don’t need people killing others just because they drank way too much at the bar it’s just pure stupidity in my opinion.

Secondly the numbers for drunk driving arrests (dui) and people dying because of a drunk driver are sky high and they shouldn’t be. Did you know 29 people in america die because a drunk driver that leads to 33,000 americans dying every single day because of a drunk driver( The punishment for driving drunk isn’t big enough if you have a good lawyer you can get out in 3 months and if you’re drunk and kill someone the penalty could just be 5 years are you serious that’s not enough that should be just like murder? Drunk driving should definitely not be tolerated.

Drunk driving is not okay ever heard of the saying driver sober or get pulled over well it’s not even right because half the time people can get out if they have friends that are cops it’s unjust. The many deaths that come from this is just not right you as president should make better laws and make america have harsh rules.

Sincerely, Garrett 

Clarkston Community Schools

5th Hour

ELA 10

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